Groupe Adéquat’s core business activity is finding employment for candidates while meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.


Adéquat, "Simplement pour vous !"

“Since its establishment, Adéquat has managed to distinguish itself, by remaining attentive to its clients, prioritising quality of service, and drawing on solid interpersonal relationships. This has been the driving force of its growth. Very early on it started launching new agencies, focusing on new business areas and appointing new employees. Each and every person has played their part in creating a common history together.
The market has recognised us. The results are clear. They are exceptional. What is our current objective? To venture a step further, becoming a vital partner.” The next step? “Simplement pour vous” !


Group Adéquat is an exceptional company which has always prioritised the human aspect, the uniqueness of people, encouraging them to reach their full potential. In return, the company’s commitment and culture is making a difference in the market.


Respect for the individual

Whatever his or her position
(permanent employee, temporary
worker, client contact, etc.), every
person deserves the utmost

Client satisfaction

Identify client concerns and
implement tailored solutions.

Result oriented

Anticipate and continuously
gauge the effectiveness
of our actions.


Be fully compliant with
all legal requirements.