Groupe Adéquat's main purpose is to bring candidates to employment by meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.


Groupe Adéquat, Simplement Pour Vous

” Ever since its creation, Groupe Adéquat has made a difference.
By taking care of its customers, by advocating the quality of services, by relying on strong relationships between people.
It is on those foundations that Groupe Adéquat has grown.
Soon, there were new agencies, new professions, new employees.
Everyone did their share with sincerely to create common history … “

What next ? It’s “Simplement pour Vous” (Simply for you)


Groupe Adéquat is built on two strong and complementary values :

  • At Groupe Adéquat, we sincerely care for the human values and consideration for people.
  • We also strongly believe in the importance of simplicity in style, attitude and most importantly in human relationships.

These values come tohether to form the well-known tagline: Simplement Pour Vous  – (Simply for You)


This tagline shows a great commitment and loyalty to the company by our employees who dedicate themselves to our clients and candidates.

Our Values

Respect of individuals

Whatever the position, every person deserves consideration.

Customer Satisfaction

Identify customer concerns and implement appropriate solutions.

Result Orientation

Anticipate and continuously measure the effectiveness of our actions.


There is no reason not to comply with the legal provisions in force.