[PUBLIC SPEECH] What impact for AI on the recruitment industry and recruiting jobs ?

Groupe Adéquat was invited to the Executive Forum Europe, which was held in London on the 27th and 28th of November. An event organized by the SIA (Staffing Industry Analysts), which gathered several hundred leaders and decision-makers from the recruitment sector from all over Europe. On the occasion of the closing debate of this big event, several experts, including Jérôme Rieux (Groupe Adéquat’s General Manager), were invited to share their opinions on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on the future of recruitment jobs. The motion? The assertion that by 2030, 50% of the recruiting jobs will have been impacted or destroyed by AI!

The opportunity for the Adéquat Group to share its vision on the issue.

Yes ! Artificial Intelligence, and innovation in general, will obviously have an impact (as is already the case) on the recruitment jobs but will not overpower us. It would be irrational to imagine that AI will not influence how we do our jobs. It is even more likely that the market will be impacted in a rather positive way by the innovations, allowing for example to search for profiles via a faster and more exhaustive analysis of data, and to select profiles on objectified and algorithmic criteria.

And it’s actually good news, since these technologies will bring more business to recruitment companies by reducing the mistrust of some customers regarding the latter, but also free time for recruiters to perform much more pleasant and important tasks. Thus, repetitive and time-consuming tasks will most certainly be replaced by algorithms, leaving recruiters with more strategic tasks such as profile validation, client and candidate persuasion on their compatibility, candidate integration …

But no ! AI will never replace truly human skills such as persuasion, empathy, creativity and other qualities typical of humans. Our jobs will not disappear but evolve. With the arrival of millenials on the job market, the profile of tomorrow’s recruiters should be closer to personal coaches who will follow their candidates and customers in a 360-degree fashion throughout their career paths and evolution.

A perspective that is all the more reassuring since this approach, which tends to enhance the human values, is particularly cherished by Groupe Adéquat, which has successfully distinguished itself in the recruitment market for years by focusing precisely on the importance of human relations. And it is in this sense that the Group directs its own digital investments whose objectives are  to automate time-consuming tasks in order to give employees time to focus on value-added tasks!

A rather positive evolution that leaves us very optimistic about the arrival of these new technologies!

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