The Adéquat Group has been outperforming the market, with 24% growth achieved in 2016 !

For the seventh consecutive year, the Adéquat Group has been outperforming the market, with 24% growth achieved


The Adéquat Group, a key player in the global Human Resources market ended 2016 with exceptional growth seen once again, surpassing the €730M mark. This is the Group’s seventh consecutive year of growth.


On the eve of its 30th anniversary, the Adéquat Group has posted excellent financial health. In fact, the Group underscored its performance over the past few years by achieving growth in the region of 24% in 2016, surpassing the €730M mark.

For Chairman of the Board of Directors Philippe Guichard: “This success is, for the most part, due to the very strong company culture we’ve forged with our employees over the years”.  In fact, right up until today, the Adéquat Group has opted to grow through the establishment of agencies and business activities rather than by pursuing external growth.  This has been an ambitious strategy but also a good way to uphold what makes the Adéquat difference in a market dominated by big players. “Our clients observe a very perceptible commitment towards the service the company provides, which clearly marks the added value we provide. In the business domains we operate in, interpersonal relations are always key, even in the context of the globalised purchases of multinationals”.

Philippe Guichard adds: “What is even more noteworthy is that all areas of our business are experiencing growth. This includes our network of local employment agencies in addition to our “Inside” agencies set up at the premises of key ordering parties and our specialised recruitment firms.” 

Without straying from the humility which is one of the distinguishing characteristics of Adéquat’s ethos, the Group has nonetheless underscored its objective of pursuing sustained growth, with its sights set on reaching the next level of a billion euros in turnover.

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