[PARTNERSHIP] Groupe Adéquat x Festival Lumière : 4 years of commitment

Last October, the Lumière Festival celebrated its 10th year of existence. Meanwhile, Groupe Adéquat celebrated its 4th year alongside this prestigious cultural event. 4 years during which Groupe Adéquat has been able to promote a topic that is so dear to us : access to culture and artistic creation for all, centered on common values ​​of proximity, openness and excellence .

As far as excellence is concerned, the feedback on the Lumière Festival attest to this, espacially after viewing the data that has just been published by Lumière Institue: full halls, a spirit of curiosity and celebration throughout the city, the theaters, and among all – teams, guests – who lived this 10th edition to its fullest.

Regarding the figures that attest to this excellence, here they are:

  • 185,000 visiters (+ 8% compared to 2017)
  • 6,662 accredited visiters
  • 2,562 accredited visiters under 25 years (+ 65% compared to 2017)
  • 1,000 film personalities and professionals
  • 430 accredited visitors to MIFC (+ 26.5% compared to 2017)
  • 424 cinema sessions
  • 390 national and international journalists
  • 190 movies
  • 60 locations involved throughout the metropolis
  • 3 Prizes awarded to professionals: Fabienne Vonnier Award, Raymond Chirat Award, Bernard Chardère Award

Among the many guests present, we can not help but mention the brilliant Jane Fonda, awarded the “Prix Lumière”, which has fought multiple battles for women and climate. “Love and light are united in this prize “quoted the beautiful American actress who is also the 12th woman to receive this Prize of the Lumière Festival.


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