[LIFESTYLE] The importance of working in a team

From the competitiveness of the professional market arises the need to optimize skills and professionalism and today working in a team is a very important resource, which allows to achieve and improve profitability.

The team is made up of a group of people, with personal and peculiar skills and personalities, whose performances, interactions and relationships converge towards the achievement of a precise, common and shared objective. The team spirit leads to a greater orientation towards results, to a stronger personal commitment, to a greater easiness to face and solve every problem that the company may face, day after day.

There are some general rules, applicable and valid for any type of working group. Which ones?

For example, to set and make known the common objective, which is well defined and achievable by all; to develop motivation; to facilitate the exchange of information, through clear and transparent communication; to build an environment open to confrontation and engaging, in which there is mutual trust, an essential prerequisite to overcome any difficulties and problems.

There are many activities to make this possible but without going too far, even a simple meeting after work can have incredible benefits on the team spirit: for example, the summer barbecue organized by the Irish SIGMAR and the afterwork aperitif organized by the Canadian TOTEM to welcome our delegate managing director Arnaud Brun in the occasion of his visit to Montreal!

Team building is simple and can be considered an activity that increases the quality of working conditions and therefore productivity.


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