[PARTNERSHIP] The Tony Parker Adéquat Academy’s construction is moving rapidly for the start of the school year

Proud to carry a project of the magnitude of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy, some  of Groupe Adéquat’s teams went to visit the site of the future Academy this morning and contemplated the construction of the agency to be located on this beautiful campus.

What about the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy ?
Born of an innovative concept, combining sport, education and employment, the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy affirms a unique position: to offer a job offer to all its Academicians at the end of their course. This unique structure in Europe, open to girls and boys aged 13 and over, will allow French and foreign academics to enjoy a sports experience adapted to each level, to provide enriched schooling with individualized follow-up, adapted school rhythms and an adapted teaching method, to forge strong links with the business world, all in a single unit of place, within the campus, with the guarantee of a job at the end.

This Academy relies on Groupe Adéquat, who is also a founding partner, to carry the “employment” part of the concept. Thus, an Adéquat Agency of a new kind is created at the very heart of the premises of the Academy. This Agency, specially designed for this project, has for mission to accompany the Academicians throughout their course to build with them a solid professional project and a job offer at the end. A real “Laboratory”, this Agency will allow Academicians to benefit in a single point from all the know-how and professions of Groupe Adéquat’s various brands, with the ambition to develop innovative projects around sport and employment, turned towards the recruitment of tomorrow.

Follow the construction progress

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