[PARTNERSHIP] Groupe Adéquat launched 2019 with a promising TPAA program

There couldn’t have been a better beginning of 2019 than it was, opening the January edition of BASKET Magazine. If the cover looks good, the news inside are even better: ASVEL aims to “attack Europe” through few actions like the opening of the Tony Parker Adéquat Academy last summer and the participation in Euroleague in autumn 2018.

<<To face challenges>> is the common motto of ASVEL and Groupe Adéquat: “the TPAA is a formidable occasion to apply the skills of all the brands composing Groupe Adéquat” says Jean-Marc Brun, founder of Groupe Adéquat and protagonist of an interview on the BASKET Magazine.

In fact, one the Mission of Groupe Adéquat is to support students in their professional development paths in France and abroad, thanks to the international dimension of the company and the global offer in HR all over the world. Groupe Adéquat’s mission is also to become a real link between companies looking for professional profiles to integrate into their staff and students looking for a work-related learning or a first job.

So not simply a namer, not simply a partner but Groupe Adéquat acts above all as a key player in this challenge: next step, the first “Welcome Days” the 19th of January, when students and parents meet the TPAA organization and the Groupe Adéquat staff. The project is underway so stay tuned!

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