Adéquat, “Simplement pour vous” !

Adéquat’s Directors have summed up “Why it’s so different working with Adéquat!” “Since its establishment, the Adéquat Group has managed to distinguish itself, by remaining attentive to its clients, prioritising quality of service, and drawing on solid interpersonal relationships. This has been the driving force of its growth. Very early on it started launching new agencies, focusing on new business areas and appointing new employees. Each and every person has played their part in creating a common history together. The market has recognised us. The results are clear. They are exceptional. What is our current objective? To venture a step further, becoming a vital partner.” To this end, we have decided to affirm our company standing. Ensuring that each and every employee, whether they were part of the team from the outset or are a new recruit, can identify with the same values and know how to talk about the company. Ensuring that clients and talented individuals are able to feel what it is that contributes towards our success, and why it’s different with Adéquat. We have had discussions with agency employees, those at Head Office, candidates and clients to gain insight into how they see the company. Not surprisingly, two strong, complementary themes were brought to the fore. The first is the human aspect, a genuine consideration for people. The fact that Adéquat doesn’t put people into boxes. We arrange the job around people, and not the other way around. The second is the style, attitude and nature of interpersonal relations. It is having managed to grow while remaining humble, while always maintaining a direct, cordial style with each person the company interacts with, establishing trustworthy relations. This is the basis of the concept: Adéquat, Simplement pour vous. The slogan “Simplement pour vous” upholds our history, our values and our standards. “Simplement pour vous” is Adéquat’s promise to its employees, candidates and clients. “Simplement pour vous” represents our goal for the next ten years. Let us be proud of “Simplement pour vous”.

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