[ENGAGEMENT] Groupe Adéquat is mobilizing for the TFA Endowment Fund!

In 2018, Groupe Adéquat is mobilizing for the Fonds de Dotation TFA which supports families whose loved ones suffer from Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Groupe Adéquat is mobilizing !

To support this magnificent cause, the weekend of March 24 and 25, 2018 will be held at the Grand-Bornand ski resort the 11th edition of the charity event N ° 1 of the French mountains: “GLISSE EN CŒUR”. It is a race for donations for an association chosen around a ski relay team of 10 skiers for 24 hours. This year “SLIDE IN HEART” will therefore benefit the TFA endowment fund.

It is with happiness and energy that the Groupe Adéquat engages in this double challenge around its team ADÉQUAT FOR TFA composed of 10 skiers. These 10 sportswomen are all volunteer collaborators from all over France and from all the Group’s brands: Adéquat, Is by Adéquat and Adsearch.

If the ski relay is from Saturday 24/03 to Sunday 25/03 THE RACE TO DONATION has already started then join ADÉQUAT FOR TFA and make your donations online: Adéquat For TFA

Whether you are a business, or a natural person you will get a tax receipt online. You will see it’s very simple fast and it feels good!

Once upon a time there was TFA …

This endowment fund, officially launched on January 20, 2016 in the Lyon region, was born following a heartbreaking family history:

“Respite for a better life”

January 13, 2016: an avalanche carried two high school students.

Among them, a girl aged 16 years. She shared her life with her little sister who has a metabolic disease with associated disorders. The daily routine of the family is punctuated by the care, the schedules and the constant attention paid to this child. The organization is millimeter.

The teenager had matured from those who experience hardships very early and an incredible ability to guess people, to read in their eyes. She had created a special relationship with her little sister. Failing to speak to each other, their exchange of glances and their games of hands were enough. This nonverbal communication between them had undoubtedly enabled him to acquire a particular sensibility.

His presence, their exchanges, their complicity, their games brought comfort and respite to their mother.

The day after his death, his family mobilized, driven by a tremendous amount of support, generosity and willingness, to provide a little respite to families also affected by mental disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

//Vidéo TFA//


Groupe Adéquat is proud to take part in this great adventure, so well carried by Marie LEXTRAIT, president and co-founder of TFA.

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