[PARTNERSHIP] A look back on the Lumière festival Press Conference

Groupe Adéquat, official partner of the Lumière festival, was present at the Lumière Institute on the morning of June 11, 2019 for the first press conference of the Lumière 2019 festival.

On the program, many announcements with which Groupe Adéquat is very proud to be associated:

– A citizen project to promote professional integration: the fortnight of employment. Largely supported by Groupe Adéquat, which will actively contribute to the integration of volunteers and other festival stakeholders, in particular through the organisation of job datings.

– A low-carbon approach in collaboration with the ONF, which this year will contribute to a reforestation project in a mountain commune in the Chablais region

– Cinema everywhere: by offering film screenings in hospitals but also in partner prisons

– The pre-programme of the event

– And finally, the Lumière Prize: Francis Ford Coppola!

A very rich edition, for a 10th anniversary that promises to be a colourful and emotionally stimulating event.

We will be meeting you from October 12th to 20th at the Lumiere festival for new cinematographic discoveries! In the meantime, you will find below our press release.

Press Release Lumiere 2019

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