Talent, Technology and Turbulence: Key Takeaways from Talent Summit 2024

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Talent Summit 2024 kicked off in The Convention Centre in Dublin, Ireland on Thursday March 7th for its 8th year running. With over 1500 HR professionals registered to attend, it has become one of the biggest HR & Leadership conferences in Europe.


Talent Summit explored numerous HR themes such as the impact of technology, strategies for talent retention, fostering leadership and mentorship, building a positive company culture, how behavioural science can transform your recruitment and retention strategies,  identifying necessary leadership skills for uncertain times and the future of HR. It featured over 20 notable speakers from prestigious organizations like OpenAI, Harvard Business Publishing, and NASA.



“I am immensely proud of Talent Summit, which was founded by Sigmar Recruitment and has become Europe’s premier HR & Leadership conference. For the last 8 years Talent Summit has been at the forefront of shaping the future of work, offering unparalleled insights into talent attraction, retention, leadership, culture, and the future of HR.” says Arnaud Brun, Chairman of The Board of Groupe Adéquat, who are the parent company of Sigmar Recruitment in Ireland. “The theme this year, ‘Talent, Technology, Turbulence,’ perfectly encapsulates the pressing challenges and transformative opportunities facing HR today. We had over 20 esteemed speakers from globally recognized organizations discussing critical issues from talent attraction and retention, to the impact of AI and enhancing employee well-being. Talent Summit’s mission to enhance the human experience of work as we navigate through dynamic transformations resonates deeply with our values at Groupe Adéquat. We are excited to contribute to and learn from the discussions that drive innovation and forward-thinking in the HR landscape.”



Five Key Takeaways from Talent Summit 2024:

  1. Navigating Talent, Technology, and Turbulence: The conference underscored the criticality of navigating through the dynamic era of transformation, emphasizing the importance of addressing talent gaps, embracing AI innovations, and evolving work models. The panel discussions highlighted the need for strategic planning to prepare for the skills shift necessitated by technological advancements.


  1. The Hyper-Individualisation of Work: Angela Cheng-Cimini shared insights on creating engaging, meaningful, and high-performing work environments through hyper-personalized employee experiences. This approach tailors rewards, benefits, and work arrangements to individual needs, advocating for a more intentional focus on personalization.


  1. DE&I Challenges and Opportunities: The summit tackled the sensitive topic of DE&I pushback, with experts sharing strategies to advance meaningful DE&I initiatives despite obstacles. This session was particularly insightful, highlighting how organizations can unite around DE&I efforts for more cohesive and inclusive work environments.


  1. Global Recruitment Trends: Post-2023’s mass layoffs, a session dedicated to global recruitment trends offered perspectives on hiring in fully employed economies and the impact of geopolitics on recruitment strategies. This discussion provided practical insights into navigating the complex global hiring landscape.


  1. Leadership in Turbulent Times: The critical leadership skills required to navigate through turbulent working environments were a focal point. The discussions revolved around fostering agility, critical thinking, resilience, and creating environments where both employees and organizations can thrive amidst constant change.


Talent Summit was established in 2016 and is organised by Sigmar Recruitment. The event is an opportunity for HR professionals to learn from global influencers, connect with peers, and gain strategies to enhance the human experience in their workplaces as we navigate the evolving work landscape​.


For more information visit www.talentsummit.ie.



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