The Adéquat Group and the TPAA on the set of “C votre emploi” at BFM Lyon

Groupe Adéquat and the Tony Parker Académy united around youth employment.

Invited by the BFM Lyon teams, the Adéquat Group, represented by Jérôme RIEUX (Managing Director of the Adéquat Group) and the Tony Parker Adéquat Académy, represented by Xavier LUCAS (Deputy Chairman of the TPAA), met on the set of ” C your job “to speak about youth employment in this” exceptional “return to school and to highlight the partnership.


In collaboration since the birth of this project, Jérôme RIEUX and Xavier LUCAS have not failed to display their ambitions: to introduce the world of business and prepare students to make their professional future the most fulfilling possible.


Discover the replay of Jérôme RIEUX interviewed by Elodie POYADE with Xavier LUCAS here.



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