[VIE DU GROUPE] Find out Le Grand Journal, our in-house magazine

A year ago, the first edition of our in_house magazine “Le Grand Journal” was published. Created in the context of the rapid internationalisation of Groupe Adéquat, the Grand Journal aims to unite all the Groupe’s brands around the strong news of each of them. Sent by email but also in paper form to our employees, it allows us to quickly integrate incoming brands and keep our employees informed of the Groupe’s successes in which they are all involved on a daily basis.

This in-house magazine is divided by brand and also includes an “interview” section that allows each of our brands to highlight an individual and the Groupe’s employees to put a face to a name and to get to know, in a little more depth, the individuals who make up the strength of Groupe Adequate .

Thus, every four months, the Groupe’s employees receive a colourful magazine that allows them to remain connected, despite the distance between all our offices and agencies, to the entire Groupe . Aware of the environmental impact of these shipments, Groupe Adéquat has chosen to print this magazine on recycled paper and send one or more copies of the Grand Journal to each branch. This choice of mailing allows employees to share the magazine and thus bring topics of conversation, but also to limit the carbon footprint of this newspaper.

A communication medium that is both useful and more authentic than a simple mail drowned in the mass that every employee knows, that our employees know how to appreciate!


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